Useful information for your trip with

Whole Foods Market TMVP & Numi Tea


Important dates:

August 27:  
Date you can begin applying for your Indian Visa. See link below for instructions.

September 15:
Deadline to have visited your travel clinic for vaccines.

1 October:                                       
Last date to purchase travel insurance and called your bank and cellphone provider to say you are traveling overseas.

Your international flights:
By midnight, 9 October
Date and time you must arrive Delhi (DEL) to join Jodhpur Rajasthani Folk Festival

By midnight, 12 October
Date and time you must arrive Delhi (DEL) to join Taj Mahal extension

By midnight, 15 October
Date and time you must arrive Kolkata (CCU) to join WFM TMVP tour with no extensions

After 7pm, 27 October
Date and time your international flight can depart Kolkata (CCU).

NOTE: NO social media before the trip that mentions Numi Tea or where you are traveling to visit tea farms.

Our itinerary

Power Point for Barbara's Pre-departure

Please visit this page to upload your bio and photo for our Team Roster

Taj Mahal itinerary pricing

Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthani International Folk Festival itinerary and pricing

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and she will make your booking and send you a payment link to use your credit card.

How to apply for a Visa for India
The Indian Visa is issued electronically (ETA). Have ready a picture or scan of your passport photo page and a passport photo (that looks like this)

Inoculations required for travel to India.  For a list of requirements check the CDC site. You must visit a travel clinic, such as Passport Health or another clinic specializing in traveler’s health for recommendations and then get the immunizations there or visit Walgreens, CVS, your local clinic or wherever you like to get the immunizations/medications recommended.

Luggage: Please note that domestic flights in India limit carry on luggage to 7kgs (15lbs) and checkin luggage to 15kg (33lbs). Your international flight will usually allow 50lbs. Rolling luggage is acceptable and easier to maneuver through airports and hotels. Backpacks are fine but not essential. 
Laundry is included in your trip and most of what women will be wearing will be purchased locally in Kolkata so packing only 1 suitcase is very do-able :)

Suggested packing list

How to choose footwear for your trip

Tipping in India (if you are traveling before or after the WFMTMVP trip)

How and where to purchase travel insurance

What to Wear (and not wear). Yoga pants and comfortable clothing for the plane is fine. Once we arrive in the villages we will be changing into the clothing appropriate for the Women Serve villages. We will discuss clothing in detail in our conference calls.

Recommended Reading and Movie list

Departure day and what happens when you land in India