What can you expect from True Places?

If you want advice on tourism in exotic places I know well, like India, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, there are a million sites dedicated to this and several expert travel agents I can introduce to you to ensure a great trip.

But what can you expect from my True Places blog? Authentic Giving Adventures.

I specialize in the marriage of Non-profit (NGO) work with their more adventurous supporters. More and morethere are people who want to see the work they are contributing their well-earned money to; and that is understandable. I am filling the gap in the tour industry as an expert in the preparation and execution of a custom tour for an NGO and their supporters to their field of work. My mission is to ensure a balance between a great experience in country for the donors and a relationship strengthening experience for the NGO.

On this blog, I am looking forward to sharing the experience of the travelers and the NGOs I have had the pleasure of working with in countries around the world, as well as presenting a behind the scenes look at the upcoming trips I have planned to new places.

In part 1 today, let’s look at the Top 5 reasons a non-profit (NGO) wants to bring donors to their work in the field:

1)     Transparency – the best way to show donors where their money is spent is to invite them to the see the work first-hand. The experienced local staff and operations managers are on the ground to answer any and all questions. Donors walk away with a new level of knowledge about the mission and what it takes to deliver the best results, in what are usually very difficult environments.

2)     Increased knowledge of the mission – a trip to the field is a unique opportunity to show all the factors affecting the mission of an NGO. Cultural, geographical, political, and economical issues all present unique challenges to each NGO. Getting on the ground and helping donors navigate the local areas is the best way to enforce not only the mission needs, but the challenges navigated on a daily basis.

3)     Increased donations – donors see the power of their dollar (pound, euro) and how far the donations go for the NGO, often resulting in an increase in their regular giving.

4)     Raising awareness – donors can speak first-hand on behalf of the beneficiaries and use their own network of friends and family to raise awareness for the mission, drawing on their experiences on the ground.

5)     Beneficiaries uplifted – it is pure joy for all to see the donors meet the communities they are supporting. If a trip is planned well and executed with mutually beneficial goals set, the experience will be powerful to the beneficiaries on the ground as well as the donors.