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Miracle Foundation


Important dates:
4-6pm on 25 July:        Pre-departure meeting #1 - About travelling in India with Miracle Foundation
4-6pm on 22 August:  Pre-departure meeting #2 - About Miracle Foundation and the                                              Children's Home you are visiting
24 August:                     Date you can begin applying for your Indian Visa. See link below                                              for instructions.
18 September:               Last date to purchase travel insurance
20 September:              Depart for India
These meetings are required

25 July Pre-departure meeting slide deck

Caroline Boudreaux's TedX Talk is a great introduction to our fearless leader.

Your itinerary and the dates you need in order to book your International flights

How to apply for a Visa for India
The Indian Visa is issued electronically (ETA). Have ready a picture or scan of your passport photo page and a passport photo (that looks like this)

Inoculations required for travel to India. Where to get your inoculations - If you are part if the Robotics program, check with the NI Medical clinic. Or check the CDC site then visit Walgreens, CVS, Passport Health, or your local clinic.

Packing list

How to choose footwear for your trip

Tipping in India (if you are traveling before or after the Robotics trip)

How and where to purchase travel insurance

What to Wear (and not wear)

Recommended Reading and Movie list

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