True Testimonials

Take in a few True Testimonials from some of our True Partners & True Travelers

Joy Stoddard

Executive Development & Outreach Director, Whole Planet Foundation

Getting to work with Barbara at True Places is a breeze! Amidst the wonderful chaos of travel, Barbara provides an oasis of professionalism, meaningful experience and sheer delight for all. Having traveled with Barbara in India and Guatemala–with plans for Colombia in the near future–I can say that she has surely benefited the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program and Whole Planet Foundation. Our employees have benefited from her travel expertise and genuine local experiences, and we as administrators of these journeys have not only been thrilled by Barbara’s above-and-beyond, consistent work performance but also by what she teaches us along the way. Hands down, if I could choose a travel operator, coordinator, guide or companion for the known and yet undiscovered destinations–outside of my family of course!–I would choose Barbara. Her endless enthusiasm to help others live marvelous experiences around the globe is unparalleled and we recommend her highly for that and so much more.

Nicole Richard

Co-Founder, Science in a Suitcase

Barbara is one of the most incredible, charismatic, easy-going and just plain enjoyable human beings I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with in my life.  I’ve never met anyone who’s so truly in their natural element when they are travelling.  It’s incredible.  I’ve seen her move groups of distracted people through an airport at lightning speeds, calmly fight her way to the front of crazy lines at a pharmacy in a remote village where she doesn’t speak the language to obtain a medication someone in her party needs, organize fleets of tuk tuks to take people on various excursions, and somehow find beer in dry counties. She has the foresight to think of and be able to cater to a vast array of everyone’s needs and enough savvy to handle anything expected challenges that inevitably pop-up with unparalleled grace and ease. I cannot recommend traveling with Barbara highly enough.

Caroline Boudreaux

Founder, Miracle Foundation

I just cannot overstate how incredible Barbara is. She creates and executes itineraries that are engaging, informative, and transformative for our supporters—and makes them FUN for the travelers and children we support.

Barbara is a joy to work and travel with. She navigates the seeming chaos of foreign lands like a pro and gives everyone around her a sense of comfort and ease. Traveling with Barbara gives people an experience beyond tourism.  She shows them the real India, the real South Africa, the real Kenya... in a safe yet adventurous way.

By taking over the logistics of travel, Barbara allows leaders of nonprofits to focus on the work on the ground while still giving travelers the best experience possible. She's simply amazing!

Sarah Evans

Founder, Well Aware

WellAware2016 (57 of 66).jpg

Well Aware has been working Barbara Joubert of True Places for almost 3 years, and we have been so pleased with the trips she has designed for our nonprofit. Bringing donors and supporters into the communities with whom we have precious relationships was daunting. But, Barbara made it easy and beautiful. 

Barbara has thoughtful and energetic approach to philanthropy travel. She knows Well Aware does not believe in "voluntourism",  and she has nsured that our trips ave been culturally appropriate, respectful, unique and memorable. She brings expertise and strategy to our travel that leaves our guests with a life-time appreciation of the culture and the work we do. Her rates are surprisingly reasonable, and she handles our large groups and diverse personalities with grace and diplomacy.