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“Getting to work with Barbara is a breeze!  Amidst the wonderful chaos of travel, Barbara provides an oasis of professionalism, meaningful experience and sheer delight for all.  Having traveled with Barbara in India and Guatemala – with plans for Colombia – I can say that she has surely benefited the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program and Whole Planet Foundation.  Our employees have benefited from her travel expertise and genuine local experiences and we as administrators of these journeys have not only been thrilled by Barbara’s above and beyond, consistent work performance but we have also been thrilled by what she teaches us along the way.  Hands down, if I could choose a travel operator, coordinator, guide, or companion for the known and yet undiscovered destinations – outside of my family of course! – I would choose Barbara.  Her endless enthusiasm to help others live marvelous experiences around the globe is unparalleled and we recommend her so highly for that and so much more.”

Joy Stoddard, Executive Development & Outreach Director - Whole Planet Foundation